Sabiha Fire Safety & Technical Services offers full design, installation, commissioning, and scheduled maintenance of all types of FIRE PUMPS in Dubai. If you require a high-quality service for the supply of Fire Pumps or your fire safety equipment, please contact us now. We cover all of Dubai as well as the UAE.

What is a Fire Pump?

A fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system’s water supply in Fire Protection System. It can be powered by a diesel engine or an electric motor. A fire pump is used to reinforce the public water supply when there is not enough volume or pressure to supply an automatic sprinkler system. These are commonly found in buildings that tend to have a high-pressure demand such as high-rises buildings or storage warehouses. A fire pump is an essential part of the fire protection system, and often referred to as “the heart of a fire protection system.

Is  fire pump required?
To determine if a fire pump is required, the fire suppression system demands must be compared with the available water supply. If the supply cannot meet the demand, a fire pump is required.
fire pump system in Dubai

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Selecting a fire pump

The fire pump in Dubai  is selected based on the building’s infrastructure and available space. Electric motors and diesel engines are the most common types of fire pump drives.  Electric motors requiring high horsepower are commonly run on 460 volt or higher, three-phase power.  Steam turbines are also an alternative, but they are less common.

fire pump in dubai

A diesel fire pump may be used in buildings that do not have enough electricity to run an electric engine. A fuel storage tank with a capacity of 1 gallon of gasoline per horsepower is required, as well as an extra volume to provide room for thermal expansion is required. A diesel fire pump must be placed in a separate enclosure or in a room with direct access to the exterior. 

In buildings where the electrical capacity is not a concern, an electric driver Fire pump is the preferred choice. Electric motors are more compact, have fewer mechanical parts and produce less negative environmental effects.


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Fire Pump Types

Common types of fire pumps include the horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical in-line, vertical turbine and end suction. These fire pumps can be driven by an electric motor, a diesel engine or in rare cases, a steam turbine.

- 01

horizontal split case

Horizontal split case Fire Pump Dubai

The most popular type of fire pump is the horizontal split case. These pumps are most cost-effective for higher flow applications and are easily accessible for repairs or maintenance. Their lengthy lifespans and variety of sizes make them even more popular.
With a horizontal split-case pump, the flow is split and enters the impeller from opposite sides of the pump housing. As the name indicates, this is a pump installed with a split casing that can be opened for pump maintenance access and is linked to the driver by a horizontal shaft.

- 02

vertical split case

Vertical split case fire pumps are quite similar to horizontal split case fire pumps except that they take up less space because of their vertical design, which also protects the pump from potential flooding damage. This can be a useful distinction, especially in small businesses where there isn’t enough space for all of the necessary fire safety systems.

- 03

vertical in-line

The vertical in-line pump is a single-stage centrifugal pump intended for vertical installation, as the name indicates. The suction and delivery inline with each other. These are typically one of the less expensive units and take the least amount of space but, they are also one of the more expensive to repair.

- 04

vertical turbine

Vertical Turbine Fire Pump Dubai

The vertical turbine is a centrifugal pump designed for fire pump services where the water supply is located below ground. This fire pump is available in varying types such as oil-lubricated enclosed-line-shaft and water-lubricated open-line-shaft pumps. Both types are intended for installation in drilled wells, lakes, streams, open swamps, and other subsurface sources. Vertical turbine pumps come in a vast range of capacities and pressures, and they can be used with diesel and electric drivers.

- 05

end suction

End Suction Fire Pump Dubai

The discharge outlet of an end suction pump is perpendicular to the suction inlet. These pumps generally have a capacity of around 1,500 gpm (5,678 L/min). They are more compact than horizontal split-case fire pumps and need less installation space in a fire pump room when space is limited. End suction pumps can be driven by either an electric or a diesel engine.

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Feel free to contact SABIHA Fire Safety & Technical Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you have any inquiries or require inspections, testing and / or maintenance for any of our listed services.


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Fire Pump Accessories and Spare Parts in Dubai

Sabiha FSTS supplies fire systems with fire pumps, fire pump Accessories and Fire pump Spare Parts in Dubai and all over UAE for industrial and commercial fire protection.

We deal with all spare parts of Clark Engine, Fire Driver, Cummins, Kirloskar Engine etc. We are the leading supplier of fire pump accessories and spare parts in Dubai and UAE.

  • Air release and casing relief valves, main relief valves, suction and discharge gauges, reducer and increaser, flow meter, waste cone.
  • Fuel tank and accessories, flexible exhaust connector, mufflers, batteries and cables for the diesel engines.
  • Fittings and Accessories
  • Automatic Air Release Valve
  • Suction and Discharge Gauge Assembly
  • Casing Relief Valve
  • Casing Relief Valve R Series
  • Hose Header
  • Hose Valve CAP & Chain
  • Main Relief Valve Pilot Controlled
  • Main Relief Valve
  • Closed Waste Cone
  • Vertical / Horizontal pump pressure tank
  • Eccentric Reducer
  • Concentric Reducer
  • Gerand Flowmeter
  • GVI Flowmeter
  • Straight & Reducing Tee
  • Muffler – Clarke/Cummins
  • Batteries-Rack-Cables
  • Single Wall Fuel Tank (Legacy)
  • Double Wall Fuel Tank (Legacy)
  • Single Wall Fuel Tank
  • Double Wall Fuel Tank

Fire Pump Supplier Dubai

We supply and install a complete range of fire protection pumping systems, designed from a broad selection of pumps, drives, controls, baseplates and accessories. Applications vary from small, basic electric motor units to diesel engine driven, housed, and packaged systems. We are one of the trusted dealer and distributor of Fire pumps and fire pump spare parts in Dubai.

Electric Fire Pump Supply

Electric fire pump Dubai

Diesel Engine Fire Pump Supply

Diesel engine fire pump Dubai

Jockey Fire Pump Supply

Jockey fire pump Dubai

Jockey Fire Pump Supplier Dubai

A jockey pump, also known as a pressure-maintenance pump, is a small device that works together with a fire pump as part of a fire-protection sprinkler system. We are the leading Jockey pump supplier in Dubai

Sabiha FSTS supplying the jockey pumps in fire systems for industrial and commercial fire protection in Dubai and UAE

Fire Pump Installation

We supply and/or install a complete range of fire protection pumping systems, designed from a broad selection of pumps, drives, controls, baseplates, and accessories. Pump choices include horizontal, in-line and end suction centrifugal fire pumps as well as vertical turbines.

A typical fire pump installation can include drivers, controllers, jockey pumps and their controllers, in addition to any standard fire pump system accessories. Fire pumps can be installed virtually anywhere floor pumps, vertical pumps, horizontal pumps often they are self-priming and the fire pumps motors can be powered by electricity, diesel, propane, gas or steam. Hydraulic calculations can be performed to verify that the water pressure is adjusted at the correct psi.

Fire pump inspection, testing and maintenance in Dubai

Fire Pumps are an integral part of the fire protection system. We are doing all types of fire pump inspection, testing and maintenance Services in Dubai and All over UAE
fire pump Maintenance
Failure of a fire pump to work during a fire might result in a significant loss. Periodic inspection, maintenance, and testing of the pump is required to help ensure that the fire or booster pump is functional. If your property is equipped with a fire protection pump,it requires periodic inspection, maintenance, and testing. Additionally, it should include alarm devices to ensure reliability during an emergency.

Fire Pump Testing

  • Ensure water flow and pressure with the annual fire pump flow test
  • Full flow test both diesel and electric pumps
  • Fire pump alarm signals
  • Pump Coupling Alignment
  • Lubrication of Coupling

Fire Pump Services and Repairs

Sabiha Fire Safety & Technical Services are specialists in Fire Pump service and maintenance, and the overhaul of all rotating and reciprocating equipment.

In addition we can provide the following services for our clients:

  • Engine Overall Servicing
  • Replacement of Engine Oil
  • Replacement of Oil Filter 
  • Replacement of Air Filter
  • Replacement of Fuel Filter 
  • Bare Shaft Alignment
  • Motor Rewinding

Electric Fire Pump Maintenance

Electric fire pumps, also known as “booster pumps,” increase water pressure in fire sprinkler systems. In terms of maintenance and lifetime cost, electric fire pumps require dedicated electrical service and have higher electrical costs than a diesel pump. To ensure the fire pump is working, there needs to be periodic inspection, maintenance and testing of the pump.

Diesel Engine Fire Pump Maintenance

Diesel engines and Electric motors are frequently removed in order to carry out extensive repairs. It can sometimes prove to be cost effective to carry out a major overhaul of these drivers (especially on the older packages). Injector and fuel pump calibration is essential to the efficient operation of a diesel unit.


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