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What is a Fire Pump Controller?

A fire suppression system consists of a sprinkler system, a pump to supply water to the sprinkler heads, an electric motor or diesel engine and a fire pump controller. When there is a fire, there must be a constant flow of water to the sprinkler heads to extinguish the fire. 

In some cases, when the city water pressure is not sufficient, a fire pump is used to provide the required water pressure. The fire pump controller monitors the pressure and runs the system in the case of a fire. It allows an electric motor or diesel engine to start, which then starts the fire pump.

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How does a fire pump controller works?

Fire pumps are started with a signal from a pressure-switch.Fire Pump Controllers are designed to regulate and monitor the fire pumps, meet all the requirements described by the fire pump controller standards. The controllers are placed in the fire-pump room and typically in visual contact with the fire pumps to see them operate. The fire pump controllers monitor the operation status and in the case of fire, the controller will receive a signal from the pressure switch and start the fire pump.

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Fire controllers are designed to be fail-safe, and in the event of any control cable becoming loose, the fire pumps will start. Typically, the controllers will run the pumps in an automatic on/manual off mode. A facility manager will need to go to the pump house and manually shut down the fire pump once it has been activated via the controller. This ensures that the reason for the activation is understood, as well as preventing the pump from shutting down if a sprinkler head is still active.

Fire Pump Control Products:

Sabiha FSTS supplies fire systems with fire pumps and fire pump controllers for industrial and commercial fire protection.

Electric Motor Controllers

electric motor fire pump controller Dubai

Diesel Engine Controllers

Diesel engine fire pump controller Dubai

Jockey Pump Controllers

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Obsolete Pump Controllers

Remote Alarm Panels

Remote Alarm panel Dubai

Power Transfer Switches

Power Transfer Switches fire pump controller dubai

Installation of fire pump controller

The controller shall be located as close as practical to the engine/motor it controls and shall be within sight of the engine/motor. The controller shall be located or protected that it will not be damaged by water escaping from pump or pump connections.
The fire pump controller shall be mounted in a substantial manner on a single incombustible supporting structure.

Fire pump controller rectification Dubai

We are the expert in fire pump controller installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. We are doing all types of fire pump controller Rectification and Services
fire pump controller Maintenance
Fire pump controller requires a minimum preventive maintenance but must be periodically inspected and their operation simulated to assure constant performance.

Electrical Fire Pump Controller Rectification

Our Fire Pump Controllers are factory assembled, wired and tested as a unit. The controller monitors, displays and records fire pump system information Maintenance & repairs for across the line, part winding start, autotransformer, reactor start, wye Delta & reduced voltage controllers. We carry out Rectification and standard replacement parts for many controllers.

Diesel Fire Pump Controller Rectification

These controllers are normally provided for control of diesel engines. Maintenance & repairs for Fire Pump Engine Controllers. Installation & preventative maintenance forward for all models. Battery charger repair & maintenance is available.

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